Fair trade rules and standards


Selection of trading partners : the basis for fair trade is a conscious choice of the manufacturer with good social principles.

Responsibility : In a Fairtrade company is responsible for all those affected a certain responsibility. Sawahasa is responsible for the quality of products and the functioning of the delivery method .

Increase in capacity : Targeted improvement of products and trading services to trade partners should develop into professional suppliers.

Long-term trade relations : Sustainable development is a matter of long-winded , the expertise is built up and expanded slowly at the trading partners. Only a durable connection makes this development possible and useful for both.

Transparency: Both the approach of Sawahasa and the trading partner must be transparent. Trading partners to report on Sawahasa , Hasa and Sawa reported to the Board.

Reasonable prices : The price Sawahasa paid to partners must be sufficient for an honest salary and cover the costs. This price is calculated for each product group and product differently.

Responsible Working Conditions: In the companies that will work with Sawahasa the working conditions of international legislation handled . On the working and living conditions, we continue to work .

Safety in the workplace : The work must be safe and healthy. If necessary, will assist in improvement plans .

No child labor : products are produced without child labor (under 15 years ) . If children want to work , which may not have negative impact on their education , health or gaming options .

No forced labor : Sawahasa distances itself from any form of physical violence , forced or slave labor.

No discrimination : Each manufacturer and employee has the right to an honest reward , equal treatment and equal work opportunities regardless of race, class, color, sex , religion, political belief or cultural background.

Exercise of trade union law and its stimulation : Sawahasa respected unions and actively working on the participation of workers.

Care for the environment: The activities of the partners and manufacturers must help in the long run to a stable environment.